Jeep Cherokee


The Jeep Cherokee indeed became a legend for off-roaders and Jeep fanatics. The ultimate Jeep vehicle, as the Jeep Cherokee is more popularly known, received much acclaim and was fussed over quite a bit. Known as the vehicle that established the Jeep name as the leader in off-road driving, the Jeep Cherokee had so much promise that it was continuously produced and upgraded for almost twenty years. As Jeep’s lovechild, the Jeep Cherokee has somehow become a standard basis for the vehicles that Jeep later on produced. The Jeep Cherokee owns a respected place in the long lineup of popular vehicles that marked history. However, what exactly is behind the spotlight and the legend that is the Jeep Cherokee? Besides, given all its good points and its roaring reputation, there must be something about the Jeep Cherokee that buyers should know about.

Before anything else, the Jeep Cherokee is a utility vehicle. One of the good things about Jeep Cherokee was its focus on reliability and utility above anything else. Its acceleration and handling makes it the rugged, definite choice for those adventures off the road. The Jeep Cherokee also carries itself well in parking lots and paved roads. It provides a comfortable drive for its passengers and holds cargo fairly well. The Jeep Cherokee is definitely the go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle.

The Jeep Cherokee is equipped with the standard necessities, such as four-wheel drive systems, anti-lock brakes, airbags, crash protection, and other standard safety features. At this level, the Jeep Cherokee is unsurpassed, given the genuine Jeep mark and designed to provide protection during rougher rides. Changes made to it were greeted with appreciation as Jeep Cherokee soldiered on to the modern times. A better-looking interior, dash and door panels, leather seats, were considerable upgrades to the Jeep Cherokee.

On the negative side, however, the Jeep Cherokee’s focus on reliability may have sacrificed some of the less important factors of the vehicles. With its large tires, it is a bit hard to climb up and down the Jeep Cherokee with ease. Knee and legroom for the rear passengers are also a bit cramped. These may be minor details, but ones that Jeep Cherokee buyers would have to deal with since there is no more chance for it to be changed.

As an SUV, the Jeep Cherokee may have been a bit too rugged for some drivers. Other SUV’s may be the better choice, if only for urban driving. Off the road, there is no contest as to whether the Jeep Cherokee was the best SUV. However, it seemed to be perfect only for those who do have a bit of adventure in mind. If you are not particularly thinking of any out-of-town trips to the great outdoors, and intends to stick to paved roads, the car-based SUV’s would satisfy you more than a Jeep Cherokee would. As an attempt to fit the Jeep Cherokee to the tastes of more modern buyers, its exterior was greatly changed in 1997. Most of the corners were smoothened out for a softer look, but the bulk of its vintage Jeep Cherokee look was unharmed. This was a positive change for Jeep enthusiasts and may have made it look better as an on-road SUV.

As the years passed, banking too much on its past prestige and reputation, more and more people started to complain that the Jeep Cherokee was a good vehicle, but it was too expensive for the value that it offered. Buying the Jeep Cherokee is a purchase that depends on your preferences and taste. Although the line was discontinued, there are a lot of Jeep Cherokees up for sale in the used-car market. You still also have the option to go for the older Jeep Cherokee models or the later ones. If you value reliability, power, and function, go for the older models. On the other hand, if you want an off-road SUV that can still compete in terms of a more modern exterior, go for the softened Jeep Cherokee models. Finally, if you are looking at the prospect of off-road driving but is keen to buy an SUV, then there is no question that the Jeep Cherokee is your flexible, all-around vehicle.

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