Jeep Grand Cherokee


A sequel to the popular Jeep Cherokee, the Jeep Grand Cherokee debuted in 1992 but originally conceptualized back in 1983, the fruit of attempts to create a later model of the Cherokee. The result was not only an improved, enhanced vehicle, but a bigger and roomier one that carried the name Jeep Grand Cherokee. During that time, the middle-sized SUV segment was just starting to pick up a following, and sure enough, with the release of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it quickly became a winner. Despite Jeep’s shift from specializing in off-road vehicles to answering the highly demanded SUV’s for on-road use, their SUV’s are still powered with the ability for off-road driving that sets the brand apart from competitors..

As the Jeep Grand Cherokee continued to evolve over the years, from the first 1992 model, the 1993 to 1998 ZJ models, the 1995 Orvis Edition, the 1998 TSi model, and to the 2004 third generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, we now we have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. According to reviews, the best model is the third generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, although all the other models are definitely worth a thought. An important tip, however, is to try and get the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee, because it will definitely contain more refinements and improvements. This is especially for those who likes to brag about their vehicle’s modern features, such as remote keyless entry, power windows, and the like.

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The design and structure of the Jeep Grand Cherokee connotes power and luxury, especially with the later models. The squared look was later on carved for a curvier body to keep up with the preferences of present buyers. The classic Jeep Grand Cherokee appeal may still be traced, especially with the mesh grille insert found in Jeeps.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee also contains several features such as a unique five-spoke alloy wheels, speakers mounted on the roof of the vehicle, a leather-based interior, a roof rack, a leather armrest in the backseat, and many others. The features depend on the Jeep Grand Cherokee model and package that buyers select. It comes in three different trims to choose from: the Jeep Grand Cherokee Base, Laredo, and the Limited. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Base offers the standard Jeep Grand Cherokee package, while the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and Limited both contain newer features. Sure enough, customers who value the features and benefits included in the package, preferred the two latter trims. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Base was later pulled out from the market, and special additional trims became available for a short while, such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport, Special Edition, Overland and Columbia Edition. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was the premium model, until Overland was eventually retained as a main trim. It became, by far, the most luxurious model especially in terms of features, with a built-in GPS, an Infinity sound system with 10-disc CD changer, and power sunroof, among others. Other special editions include the Jeep Grand Cherokee sporting the Jeep Grand Wagoneer and the Orvis badge. A special Up Country package also offered a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a heavier duty suspension package.

Retaining the old four-wheel drive system of the Cherokee, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has Select-Trac, where the owner can choose between a full-time or part-time four-wheel operation. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, however, updated this with Quadra-Trac, a full-time four-wheel drive system. The engines of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are also continually upgraded to offer a smoother operation.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a take-anywhere SUV, perfect for those out-of-town trips with the family. Ensure your family’s safety because of the mere strength and power of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and its safety features such as the front and side curtain airbags and integrated foglights.

For those who are planning to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the question is not whether to buy one anymore. What should be given much thought is which Jeep Grand Cherokee model would best fit your needs and preferences? Which features do you need, and will be most useful for you? With the Jeep Grand Cherokee, once even awarded by Motor Trend Magazine as Truck of the Year for 1993, you won’t go wrong, and the fact that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is supposedly the most powerful Jeep vehicle around counts a lot.

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